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Ye Olde TDD


Allen Hurst and Chris Weldon


Lo, thou are most humbly invited to carouse with Chris and Allen as they bring ye a tale of agile testing you’ll not soon forget! They will cover unit testing in general, TDD and BDD practices in particular, and other whys whens and hows of agile developer testing. If thou oft lack a shine to thy code or ye quality is in the privy, prithee attend!


Allen Hurst is a Principal Consultant and the Assistant Director of Rural Sourcing at Improving Enterprises. As a committed Agilist and Certified ScrumMaster, Allen has spent his career learning, working, leading, and mentoring in a variety of environments, striving to recreate the positive experiences and learn from the negative ones. Along the way, Allen has found a fondness for continuous improvement, Agile values and practices, rapid delivery of quality working software, and well-designed object-oriented systems. Allen is a Computer Science graduate from Texas A&M, the leader of the Aggieland .NET User’s Group, an avid practitioner of GTD, and a producer of Improving Podcasts. You can learn a little more about Allen at ahurst.com

Chris Weldon is a Consultant for Improving Enterprises based out of the rural sourcing office in College Station, TX. Chris has 10 years of software development experience with expertise in PHP and .Net. As an avid agile enthusiast, Chris has lead teams of software developers using variants of Scrum and XP, encouraging the practice of unit testing with automation and continuous integration through tools such as (N)Ant and MSBuild on a variety of different build systems including Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, Atlassian Bamboo, and countless others. He’s also played the roles of ScrumMaster, configuration manager, analyst, and product owner. He’s currently finishing his BS in Computer Science at Texas A&M University.

Recorded At:

AgileDotNet Houston (http://www.agiledotnet.com/houston-2011/)

Hosted by:

Improving Enterprises (http://www.improvingenterprises.com/)

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