WPF Programming for Windows 7


Windows 7 brought with it some new visual goodies that with Windows Forms, we are not able to tap into. WPF 4.0 however lets us add features to our desktop applications that hook directly into these cool new Windows 7 capabilities. In this session, I'll show how to use WPF to provide jump lists for your application, how to customize the task-bar popup as well as the task-bar icon, how to add features to the task-bar thumbnail, and how to add aero-glass visuals to any part of your application.


  • Miguel Castro

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    Whether playing on the local Radio Shack’s TRS-80 or designing systems for clients around the globe, Miguel has been writing software since he was 12 years old. He insists on staying heavily involved and up-to-date on all aspects of software application design & development, and projects that diversity onto the type of training and consulting he provides to his customers and believes that it’s never just about understanding the technologies, but how technologies work together. In fact, it is on this concept that Miguel based two of his Pluralsight courses, Building End-to-End Multi-Client Service Oriented Applications, which was #1 for several weeks, and Developing Extensible Sotware. Miguel is a Microsoft MVP since 2005 and when he’s not consulting or training, Miguel speaks at conferences around the world, practices combining on-stage tech and comedy, and never misses a Formula 1 race. But best of all, he’s the proud father of a very tech-savvy 10 year old girl, and a proud husband to the woman that homeschools her.

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Aug 12, 2011

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