Visual Calculations - Improvements to doing calculations in Power BI


For the last 2 years, the Power BI team has been working on exciting things related to DAX calculations, specifically targeted at making it easier to add typical business-type calculations (such as running totals or vs-first). Would you believe it of we told you there is an easy way to get complex calculations done quickly? In this session, we will talk about this exciting development. Join this session to learn more about this new feature which will make writing DAX statements so much easier and faster.


  • Jeroen ter Heerdt

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    Jeroen ter Heerdt is a Product Manager with Microsoft. He works on Power BI and is passionate about "all things data"; whether it is about databases, data warehousing, BI, big data, data visualizations, self-service BI, advanced analytics, real-time BI or anything even remotely related to data or insight. He strives to apply these concepts in his life as much as possible. Jeroen combines enthusiasm, vision, and hands-on experience into his talks. His blog is and he can be found on twitter at @jaypowerbi.

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Nov 8, 2023

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