Using a gateway to leverage on-premises data in Power BI


I look at how you can take advantage of an on-premises gateway to make use of local data when creating reports and dashboards for Power BI. This will start with Power BI Desktop, and the choices you have for SQL Server and Analysis Services. It will then move to the cloud and look at hosting your files on OneDrive for Business, and what this means for data freshness. We will then look at options for personal use or a more centralized use. It will finish off with looking at some troubleshooting tools available to you when working with data refresh.


  • Adam Saxton

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    Adam Saxton is just a guy in a cube doing the work! He is on the Power BI team, at Microsoft, working on documentation for Power BI and Reporting Services. He is based in Texas, and started with Microsoft supporting SQL Server connectivity and Reporting Services in 2005. Adam has worked with Power BI since the beginning, on the support side, and now helps to produce content for these products. In addition to documentation, he produces weekly videos for his Guy in a Cube YouTube channel.

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Mar 4, 2017

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