Upgrade your JS App to Native with .NET MAUI


As a JS girl in a .NET World, I have recently started learning the power of MAUI. MAUI is a .NET framework used for creating native mobile and desktop apps. I learned how to utilize a WebView inside a .NET MAUI application to wrap any sort of web app I desired (Angular, React, Vue, you name it!) and deploy it with the power of MAUI to any platform under the sun. I’m excited to show you how to do this — bridging two worlds has never been more fun!


  • Alyssa Nicoll

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    Alyssa is an Angular Developer Advocate for Kendo UI and a Google Developer Expert for Angular. She has spoken at over 30 conferences Internationally. She streams weekly on the Angular Air podcast and Twitch CodeItLive channel. She enjoys gaming, scuba diving, and has a little one that fondly goes by "Mr. Milks".

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Nov 22, 2022

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