Unit Testing in .NET


This presentation is meant to get anyone, with any level of experience, able to get up and running with writing good unit tests, and good, testable code.

The first part of the presentation is all about how to do unit testing. We'll start out with a little bit of background information and terminology necessary to understand the presentation and then we'll dive right in. There will be a live-coding demonstration showing how to do unit testing and mocking by going through two of Roy Osherove's code katas.

The second part of the presentation discusses how to unit testing well. We'll talk about what it takes to write good unit tests and what more you can do to write even better unit tests. We'll also cover things that you should not do while writing unit tests. We'll then cover the benefits to you of unit testing your code. We'll wrap up by talking about how to write testable production code, and the benefits of doing that as well.


  • Brittany Berwanger

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    I'm Brittany Berwanger, and I'm passionate about software development. I graduated from University of Tulsa with a degree in Management Information Systems in 2011 and have been working in industry in Tulsa since. My first two jobs were at local software companies, and I am now working with Explorer Pipeline in rebuilding their architecture and their application development processes.

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Aug 5, 2016

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