Understanding Storage Systems and SQL Server


The most important part of your SQL Server is also the slowest, Storage. This talk will take you through the fundamentals of your server's Disk I/O System. This session should give you a solid foundation over storage systems and help you understand why they are slow and how to overcome some of their limitations. We will cover the basics of computer systems, hard disks and disk controllers. Next, we will move to the fundamentals of RAID and how to configure your arrays for performance and reliability. Later, we will discuss the relationship between SQL Server and the file system, what is required for SQL Server and how to configure the file system for optimal performance. Finally, we will touch on how to monitor the performance and health of


  • Wes Brown

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    Wes Brown is a PASS chapter leader. He writes for SQL Server Central and maintains his blog at http://www.sqlserverio.com. Wes is Currently serving as a Database Administrator Consultant for Dell. Previous experiences include Product Manager for SQL Litespeed by Quest software and consultant to fortune 500 companies. He specializes in high availability, disaster recovery and very large database performance tuning. He is a frequent speaker at local user groups and SQLSaturdays.

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Aug 27, 2011

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