UI Test Automation with Selenium


Say “UI Test Automation” while playing a word association game and the other party will inevitably say “Hard!”. And yet without the UI tests your safety net is never complete, and manual testing of UIs on Firefox, Chrome and various flavors of IE will slow down your development. As we discovered UI tests are not hard, they just require a shift in mindset.
In this session, you will learn Selenium WebDriver C# API and design patterns to write reliable tests. We will show how to distribute tests across multiple VMs. And to wrap up you will learn to design your test classes in a Fluent fashion that will make your developers and QA department excited about UI test automation. At the end the group will be rewarded by a sight of a mouse and keyboard working by themselves, testing the UI automatically while we are relaxing with a pizza.


  • Sergey Rathon

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    Sergey Rathon is a Principal Consultant at Improving Enterprises. His career has taken him through a diverse set of industries: 3D Rendering done in Irix/C++, Geo-information systems in Delphi, router test tools in C# and Web Uis in C#, ASP.NET MVC, Javascript, and a diverse set of roles: from QA engineer to a lead of a large software project to Principal Engineer. Scars from his days in management made Sergey an enthusiastic supporter of Agile methodologies, including Scrum and TDD. Outside of work Sergey can be found watching a movie with his son and daughter, or riding his motorcycle hundreds of miles away from home in a pursuit to visit all 50 states on a bike.
  • Ian Henehan

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    Ian Henehan is a Senior Consultant at Improving Enterprises. He got his start doing electrical and control design for LCD manufacturing machines. He eventually joined the Intel Architecture Labs as an integration and test engineer, building a wide array of specialized test equipment and software. This experience led to an interest in team process and how to minimize the friction it can create for producing results. A three year stint with the Educational Technology group at Texas Instruments allowed him to concentrate on test frameworks and integration with build systems. This resulted in a broader understanding of the problem space that available frameworks tried to solve and also building a couple new tool sets from scratch. Since joining Improving, he has had the opportunity to continue work in this area and gets to design tools for highly integrated build, test and deployment solutions.

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Mar 14, 2012

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