Tiny little apps with large back-ends


Windows 8 is a fast, fluid and interactive user experience that enables amazingly beautiful and powerful applications supporting a wide range of devices.Windows Azure is a flexible and open cloud platform for a wide variety of applications ranging from web sites to enterprise and mobile applications. Like the day chocolate met peanut butter, the combination of Windows 8 and Windows Azure represents a powerful architecture for building the next generation of applications for the reimagined desktop. Join Senior Microsoft Technical Evangelist Chris Koenig for an in-depth look at how to take advantage of the scalable, cloud-based data services available through Windows Azure from within your Windows 8 Metro application.


  • Chris Koenig

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    Chris Koenig is a Senior Technical Evangelist with Microsoft focused on our Windows Azure and Windows Phone technologies. His job is to help developers, designers, entrepreneurs, startups companies and organizations large and small to find success and riches using Microsoft technology, specifically around Windows Azure and Windows Phone.

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Dec 13, 2012

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