Thrill of the Hunt: Return to Exploratory Testing


Some of the most interesting stories come from the career paths of software testers. What did you do before you started testing? Everyone has a before. Everyone has a moment they can point to when they realized quality assurance was something they might enjoy, and that it was an actual job. Then, came test automation. Automation divided the discipline into distinct groups: pro-manual, pro-automation, and bored. Uncover how exploratory testing can re-ignite a discipline and pave the way for more to enter testing as a career path.


  • Kylie Schleicher

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    Kylie Schleicher is a managing director, technology at VML, a full-service global marketing agency, where she is responsible for the strategies and standards used to verify applications and digital experiences. With 18 years in the discipline, Kylie is dedicated to relentlessly improving the quality assurance practice. She works directly with clients to evolve their approach to quality to streamline validation and improve delivery confidence. Kylie is a graduate from Baker University and a Certified Manager of Software Quality (CMSQ). Outside of work, she enjoys weekend renovation projects, reading, spending time with her family, and live music.

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Oct 5, 2017

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