The People Side of Agile


Although the Agile Manifesto professes that we value individuals and interactions over processes and tools, much of the emphasis of agile has been on processes and tools! The speaker focuses long overdue attention to the other half of the manifesto, in particular “Individuals and Interactions”. Before you leave the conference, take a break from the nuts and bolts discussions and spend some time learning about why we humans behave the way we do as both individuals and as groups, and learn some strategies for capitalizing on everyone’s strengths. How can teams maximize productivity and efficiency while dealing with the “human condition”. We will navigate such treacherous topics as communication, behavioral styles, motivation, dealing with change, and much more.


  • Ken Howard

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    Ken Howard is Vice President of Consulting at Improving Enterprises and has been involved in most aspects of software development for over 30 years with such languages as diverse as COBOL, Smalltalk and Java. Over the years, Ken has provided consulting, training and mentoring to companies in 12 countries around the world, helping with adoption of software development best practices. He is also on the computer science faculty at SMU’s Lyle School of Engineering. Ken’s specialty is helping companies increase productivity through efficient practices and pragmatic organizational dynamics, which was the topic of the Addison-Wesley book that he co- authored titled Individuals and Interactions: an Agile Guide.

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Feb 17, 2012

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