The Leading Measures of Velocity


Excellent managers everywhere like to measure and track the performance of their teams. Using metrics to track key indicators of performance helps leaders track the effectiveness of change initiatives. One problem with metrics is that those that are easy to track can be overly-emphasized and create easy suboptimizations. In the agile world, velocity is one of the most used and abused metrics despite the fact that it is a trailing indicator and easily compromised and misrepresented. This session will discuss the dangers of tracking velocity and propose some ideas for gathering and tracking leading indicators of a high performing team.


  • Allen Hurst

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    Allen is an agile software leader, developer, and coach. As a software services leader he has grown successful organizations by emphasizing valuable software delivery to clients. As an agile leader and coach he has mentored organizations through successful transformation to agile. His integrated competencies in agile project management, .NET development, and business leadership have enabled him to play a wide variety of roles in organizations of various shapes and sizes. Allen has spoken about a variety of topics related to software development at conferences such as Agile 2012, AgileDotNet, Houston TechFest, and a variety of user groups.

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Sep 26, 2015

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