The Internet of Things


The Internet of Things - why Cloud is merely the next step in our move to a ubiquitous computing world. With sensors providing torrents of information, storage practically unlimited, and processing power able to be called upon or released in ever more complex patterns - we will observe how we've come to this point and where we'll be going when your processing power comes not just from one of the giant datacenters, but from your own car or even your shoe


  • Phil Wheat

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    Experienced Technologist with cross training in executive coaching, marketing, logistics, financials, and startup survival. My technology background reaches back to the pre-windows era, though I’ve worked with every version of that OS. I've worked with Software systems ranging from pure cloud, to embedded processors and all things in between. I’m comfortable with Mhz clock cycles as well as Ghz. I currently have production code running that was written in C, C++, COBOL, FORTRAN, Pascal, BASIC (Quick and otherwise,) Delphi, C#, VB.Net, JavaScript, Java, Smalltalk, Gemstone, T-SQL, and probably a dozen other languages I no longer remember. My personal passion is knowledge management – at some point we’ll manage to achieve what was envisioned in 1946 as the Memex. Once we do, there’s no end to what we can achieve as at that point we’re directly expanding human thought. I currently can say that I’ve never done a SharePoint implementation that hasn’t taken root in the organization. I work well independently, but prefer to work with collaborative teams. I’ve coached startups during my tenure at Microsoft and still evaluate and guide startups in my current role. My strengths are that I am always on the leading edge of technologies breaking into the mainstream, building new capabilities just before they are needed, and making sure whatever organization I’m in is on the cusp of new breakthroughs (read – maintaining the high margin edge every CEO wants.)

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Sep 8, 2012

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