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The Domain Model of Continuous Delivery


Jeffrey Palermo


With the publication of the DevOps Handbook (the yellow book), the software industry has an expanded body of knowledge on which practitioners may draw. Many successful software service and software product companies have innovated and shared their breakthroughs. Now, just like at the time of the original Agile Manifesto, it is up to individual teams to adopt and adapt the learnings of others. From details of the compilation, to automated tests, to database and data store configuration, custom software applications have common building blocks. There is a domain model that has emerged for continuous delivery. The relationships between the abstract types are known. Each team implements this model according to the toolset and language of their software, but the model remains. This session reviews that model in details as well as a reference implementation of it on the Microsoft platform.


Jeffrey Palermo is the CEO of Clear Measure, the GO TO software engineering firm for mid-market B2B companies, and one of the fastest growing small business in central TX (ABJ/Inc. 5000). Jeffrey has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP since 2006 and has spoken at national conferences such as Microsoft Ignite, Tech Ed, VS Live, and DevTeach. He has founded and run several software user groups and is the author of several print books, video books, and many articles. A graduate of Texas A&M University and the Jack Welch Management Institute, an Eagle Scout, and an Iraq war veteran, Jeffrey likes to spend time with his family of five camping and riding dirtbikes.

Recorded At:

Global Azure Boot Camp 2018 – Austin, Texas

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