Sugar & Spice and everything nice about ES6


ECMAScript 6 is the new version of JavaScript making its way into the engines of our modern browsers and servers. Some of its features appear to be no more than a little syntax sugar - making development we already do in JavaScript a bit easier. Others add brand new functionality long missing in JavaScript, which allow us to spice up our code without having to include yet another library. Experience with JavaScript will help you get the most out of this session, but you don't have to be a JS ninja to leave confident to begin using ES6 right now. Let's walk through all the sugar and spice of ES6 and what makes it just so nice. Along the way, you'll learn about arrow functions, modules, rest parameters, and other features. We'll also see strategies for how we can circumvent that pesky issue of cross-browser compatibility. Oh, and don't worry if you didn't understand any of those terms - you will after the session.


  • Ben Ilegbodu

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    Ben is currently a Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer at Eventbrite, focusing primarily on front-end web development. He received his B.S. and M.S. from Stanford University in Computer Science with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction. Fresh out of college, he helped build out Zazzle's front-end for nearly 9 years. Ultimately, he became the UI Architect responsible for building and maintaining Zazzle's UI framework. He also contributed heavily to the open-source UIZE JavaScript framework. Now at Eventbrite, Ben works on the Listings team charged with improving the main event details page used by every event that leverages the power of the Eventbrite ticketing platform. On the side, Ben loves playing around with new web development technologies and sharing his experiences with them.

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Oct 16, 2015

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