SQL Server for the Configuration Manager 2012 administrator


SQL Server is a core dependency for all components of the System Center suite of products. Configuration Manager 2012, a component of the suite, will be the focus of our discussion as it is more demanding that a typical SQL application. To best support Configuration Manager 2012 administrators need to understand database structure, configurations that will allow for optimal SQL performance, the way Configuration Manager 2012 replication leverages the SQL Broker engine and more. This session will focus on the nuggets that the Configuration Manager administrator needs to understand to make sense of the SQL backend. Beyond the Configuration Manager 2012 administrator discussions will be interesting to anyone trying to tune SQL.


  • Steven Rachui

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    Steven has supported System Center products at Microsoft for 16 years and currently works in the premier field engineering group. He hosts a popular System Center blog, has served as an author and technical editor for several System Center books and has been an active participant and speaker at MMS for the past several years. He has also traveled extensively within the US and Internationally helping customers learn and better make use of System Center technology.

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Sep 8, 2015

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