SOLID Principles in Action: from Slack to Twilio


SOLID principles make software more flexible and maintainable. In this talk, I touch on each of the principles: Single responsibility principle, Open/closed principle, Liskov substitution principle, Interface segregation principle, Dependency inversion principle. However, rather than talk about them in the abstract, the talk focuses on a specific code example. The example starts out as a Slack integration that shows a random "Magic the Gathering" card in a channel when a certain command is issued. I refactor the code to integrate with Twilio and demonstrate each principle along the way. The example is written as a Spring Boot application and all source is available on Github.


  • Micah Silverman

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    Micah Silverman is API Products Specialist for Okta. With 22 years of Java Experience (yup, that's from the beginning), he's authored numerous articles, co-authored a Java EE book and spoken at many conferences. He's a maker, who's built full size MAME arcade cabinets and repaired [old electronic games]( He brings his love of all things Java to a conference near you!

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Oct 5, 2017

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