Silverlight Testing Extravaganza!


NT Silverlight’s very own Justin Weinberg and Michael Perry will be covering all aspects of Silverlight testing. First we’ll look at the developer side of testing. Do you want to get a test first workflow with Silverlight? Curious how to unit test Silverlight assemblies? What about continuous integration options?

After that we’ll be shifting focus to functional testing and testing automation. Can Silverlight tests be scripted? What tools and practices do you need and what level of experience? We’ll answer these questions and more.


  • Michael L Perry

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    Michael travels through space clinging to the carbon hull of a spherical ship made of molten iron. He commands an army of microorganisms which decompose the molecules that he captures to provide chemical energy for his cells. His mission is to increase entropy throughout the universe. Michael wrote The Art of Immutable Architecture, a book on applying mathematics to building distributed systems. Learn more at In his spare time, he records Pluralsight courses on CQRS, XAML Patterns, Cryptography, and Provable Code. Formerly a Microsoft MVP for seven years. He maintains the spoon-bending Assisticant, Correspondence, and Jinaga open-source libraries. He shared videos about distributed systems at And he helps his clients at Improving benefit from the power of software mathematics. Software is math. Every class is a theorem. The compiler is the proof. And unit tests check our work.

  • Justin Weinberg

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    Justin Weinberg is an independent consultant and founder of the VNext Dallas user group. Justin brings over 10 years of development experience to bear with a focus on .NET, C#,and SOA. He is also a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD). Justin obtained Bachelor degrees in Information Decision Systems and Economics from Carnegie Mellon University where the school colors are indeed plaid. When not writing code or engaging with other user groups in the community, Justin spends time with his wonderful wife and three rambunctious boys. You can read his blog at

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Apr 11, 2011

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