Service Principals and Managed Identities - tools every Azure Dev should know


Microsoft Azure provides some powerful, yet not well known, features that allow you to develop and run your applications securely both locally and in production. Backed by Azure AD, Service Principals and Managed Identities make secrets and passwords in your application code and configuration a thing of the past! And now we have Workload Identities! Join Christos in this session to learn how to leverage these tools to run and deploy code securely using your favorite tools and languages.


  • Christos Matskas

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    Christos Matskas is a software developer, dad, blogger, husband, speaker, and all around geek. He currently works as a Developer Advocate for Microsoft Identity helping developers and teams leverage the power of the identity and cloud. Before joining Microsoft, he was a successful entrepreneur collaborating with companies such as MarkIT, Lockheed Martin and Barclays. He's been building software for over 16 years and he's a passionate Open Source advocate. He contributes regularly to numerous OSS projects and works closely with the developer community to make the space bigger and better.

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May 12, 2022

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