Scrum Fundamentals


Writing good software is hard. Writing good software at a pace you can sustain indefinitely in an environment of changing requirements where technology choices are uncertain and quality is not compromised is...totally doable. Come learn the fundamentals of a framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.


  • Jason Knight

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    Jason grew up in small-town Oklahoma and studied computer science in college. Like many of us, he entered into the programming workforce without a good understanding of his craft or that it even WAS a craft. He had no idea how a software developer should work on a team. Then, he learned about Scrum and Agile developmentā€¦and he was hooked. Jason supports his wife and 3 kids by burning a lamp wick soaked with the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto. He brings home bacon cured with a mix of the Scrum values artifacts, events, and roles. He lives and breathes this stuff.

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May 16, 2014

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