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Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, What’s Really The Truth?


John Weston


In this session we will demo the new Office 365. We will show you what the new Microsoft Data Centers are like Inside, why they are 71% more efficient with Power, due to heat and cooling handling. We will also look at Windows Azure, Microsoft’s Platform as a service. How can you leverage Windows Azure to have your application hosted in the Public cloud. We will then look at the Private Cloud offerings that Microsoft has with System Center 2012. How can you take advantage of the Cloud technologies in your own data center. If you aren’t ready for Cloud yet, what can you be doing today to prepare for the Cloud in the future?


Some may call John a geek. He prefers the term “technologist.” Truth is, John began working with computers before PCs even hit the scene, and he’s probably got a dusty prototype stashed somewhere to prove it. He’s a fourth generation educator who loves to help people learn new technologies and relishes that magic moment when the light comes on in their eyes. Before joining Microsoft full time, he spent six years as an MCT, training people at a local college and getting new Microsoft hires up to speed. John holds more certifications than he can remember, but the list definitely includes MCITP, MCSE, MCDBA, MCT, and CCNA. His favorite technology is Unified Communications, LYNC and he gets a special thrill from solving customers’ problems. For John, there’s nothing like coaxing people from panic to joy when a server goes down and he can help get the business back up on line. When he’s not working, John can usually be found sailing around Texas with his kids.

Recorded At:

Dallas TechFest 2011 http://dallastechfest.com

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