Prove Your Query Tuning Works


When you tune a query, you want to be able to prove your tuning helped. We'll be going over how to prove what difference was made and how to present it, especially for presenting to others who are not at the same skill level or are in other departments. You want to highlight what changed, with numbers to prove it was a good change, along with something graphical to help illustrate the benefits. We'll go over the workflow I use to present the query tuning. The tools used are SSMS, execution plans, query statistics, screen capture, StatisticsParser, Query Store, and Word. (Not going over workload tools like distributed replay, test instances, or scripts to rerun workloads)


  • Mike Burek

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    Mike Burek has worked with SQL Server for 25 years. Throughout his career, he has often worked with marketing data. From this, he has experience with various tools for ETL as the industry and programming has changed and matured over time. On the SQL Server side, he has held senior positions in database administration and database programming, focusing on optimization, automation, and increasing the value of data. Outside of work, he also runs the Austin SQL Server user group and makes a big effort to train others to help them grow in their careers.

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Mar 15, 2022

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