Pragmatic React + Redux - Lessons learned from the trenches


React and Redux have made a huge impact on front end web development -- they are amazing tools, but the pace of change is very fast and best practices are hard to keep up with. Ryan Vice is here to share some practical advice based on the real-world experience he and his team have gained over multiple projects and while developing their own custom React boilerplate focused on developer ergonomics.


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    Ryan Vice is the founder and Chief Architect of Vice Software, and author of Mastering React. Ryan has been awarded Microsoft's MVP award three times and is a frequent speaker at meetups and conferences. Vice Software specializes in tailoring solutions that maximize business value for their clients whether they are looking to get their MVP to market quickly and on a budget or whether they are looking to modernize their existing applications. If you need help with your next React project contact Ryan today!

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Jan 26, 2017

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