Populating a Data Warehouse with SSIS and Biml Patterns


This session will demonstrate how to leverage Biml Patterns, along with SQL Server Metadata, to rapidly build SSIS packages. The focus of this session will be on populating a data warehouse, however the concepts presented could be applied to most any ETL/ETL scenarios. The components used during this session: - Biml - BimlExpress - BimlSnap On-line are all available at no charge. In addition, attendees will receive: - A complete 'SQL Server Metadata Manager' solution (front and back end) - A fully functional SSIS Framework.


  • Jim Miller

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    Jim has worked in various facets of the IT business for over 30 years, with a primary focus on data warehousing, reporting and analytics, business intelligence, data modeling (relational, multi-dimensional), ETL frameworks, database architecture, SDLC, object oriented analysis & design, as well as database performance tuning. In previous engagements, Jim has fulfilled roles as Data Architect, DBA, IT Director, and Senior Consultant. He also has experience in account management, marketing/technical support, and software application training. Jim has also had some extraordinary opportunities to lead IT organizations, with multinational participants, on reconstruction projects based in Bosnia and Iraq.

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Jun 23, 2018

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