Performance & Load Testing


Agile teams can’t afford to wait until the end of a project to worry about performance. A successful agile team knows that non-functional requirements are just as important as functional requirements and formulates a definition of done that takes those requirements into account. This session will discuss how load and performance testing fits within an agile project and how to use Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate to determine whether your application will withstand the load of a production environment.

Topics Covered:

  • Performance testing in an agile environment
  • Formulating a performance testing plan
  • Implementing load tests in Visual Studio 2010
  • Evaluating load test results and behaviors


  • Allen Hurst

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    Allen is an agile software leader, developer, and coach. As a software services leader he has grown successful organizations by emphasizing valuable software delivery to clients. As an agile leader and coach he has mentored organizations through successful transformation to agile. His integrated competencies in agile project management, .NET development, and business leadership have enabled him to play a wide variety of roles in organizations of various shapes and sizes. Allen has spoken about a variety of topics related to software development at conferences such as Agile 2012, AgileDotNet, Houston TechFest, and a variety of user groups.

  • Long Mai

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    Long loves to improve, learn and mentor on agile values, OOA&D, and software architecture. His comfort language is C#, but as a software consultant and contributor at Improving Enterprises, he is pragmatic and focuses on business value for Improving his clients. He is an active participant in the Houston chapter Agile Leadership Network (ALN), and his recent speaking engagements include speaking at the Houston TechFest and Houston CodeCamp where he shared his knowledge and passion of all things Agile. His knowledge comes from books, discussions, conferences, his colleagues, and his own experiences of using Agile, and he is currently being challenged by one of his mentors on his understanding of Agile as he works towards the PSM II Certification.

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Feb 17, 2012

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