Performance Analysis – Finding What Needs Tuning


Everyone wants to tell you WHAT to do when you have a performance problem. Of course, the bigger issue is in determining what the actual performance problem is before you can apply the correct solution to the correct problem. Most of those same people producing the cookbooks will also tell you that performance analysis is an “art form” – code-speak for “you need to hire me and spend a lot of money”. This session will blow away the myth of “it’s an art form” and show you how to apply the tools you already know how to use coupled with some basic understanding of a database engine and use that to find the actual problems with enough time to spare so that you can actually fix them.


  • Michael Hotek

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    Michael is a SQL Server consultant based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He has been building SQL Server systems and database management best practices for almost 20 years having worked with thousands of companies and on the largest, most complicated platforms in the world. Michael has delivered hundreds of sessions and training events around the world and has published numerous articles along with 8 books. He is currently working on a three book series on SQL Server 2012.

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Aug 25, 2012

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