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Optimizing Code Reusability For SharePoint using Linq to SharePoint and the MVP Design Pattern.


Ted Wagner, Sparkhound


Whether developing a small customization or a large enterprise solution, one goal is to minimize redundancy in Code. Using LINQ to SharePoint we can create Business models that can be easily shared between SharePoint projects and other internal projects. By combining the business model with the MVP pattern we can pass and bind our data easily between views and testing.

* In this discussion I will be talking about the MVP design pattern and how it is used in SharePoint. After the overview of the design pattern I will demonstrate LINQ to SharePoint and how to create business models that can be reused easily between other ASP or C# application. This will include generic models and custom models which gives versatility. By combining the model and patterns, the end result is an efficient queries, and quick response times.


Ted Wagner has been a SharePoint consultant for 3 years, and has been architect, developer, and admin on many different projects for a variety of companies. Ted has also conducted SharePoint training classes to train developers on SharePoint and put them in an advantageous position to excel in enterprise business application development. Ted’s background is mostly C# and ASP.Net development, but also is fluent in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and C++.

Ted started his development career by getting his Bachelors of Science in Game Software Development from Westwood College. He has worked on some independent projects and for some indie game developers he has spent most of his professional career developing C# and SharePoint solutions. He spent over a year for previous employer training and coaching consultants on SharePoint 2010 and 2013 giving them a base knowledge on SharePoint and how to meet the needs of the customer.

Recorded At:

Houston Tech Fest 2014

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