.NET on iPhone and Android with Mono


MonoTouch and Mono for Android make it easy for .NET developers to dive right into developing apps for iPhone and iPad, and Android phones and tablets. With Mono, Developers can take their existing .NET skills, code, and libraries to new mobile platforms, while taking full advantage of the native APIs on iOS and Android. This talk will provide an introduction to iOS and Android development with Mono, including an overview of the tools and technology, and demonstrations of the development process end-to-end.


  • Joseph Hill

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    Joseph Hill is COO and co-founder of Xamarin. As a professional developer, he has done significant work in design and implementation of .NET applications for Fortune 50 companies in areas such as messaging solutions and supply chain management, and has been an active participant in the Mono community since 2003. Prior to co-founding Xamarin, Joseph served as the Product Manager for Mono at Novell, ultimately driving the product development and marketing efforts to launch MonoTouch and Mono for Android.

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Jan 17, 2012

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