.NET Cross Platform Development Strategy for Mobile, Cloud and Desktop Apps


Cross platform is nirvana that for the most part has been about the browser. However as computing because more fragmented developers are finding they need to be able to program on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Azure, AWS) using different tools (.NET, Java, Objective-C). Developers need methods, ideas and tools to reduce this complexity into a more manageable chunks. This talk looks at: How to get on 2.5 billion devices? Strategies, Tooling


  • Rabi Satter

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    Rabi Satter is a former Microsoft employee where he worked on .NET 4 and ASP.NET. He was one of the people behind open sourcing of Azure SDKs, MVC, Web API, Web Pages, and Entity Framework. He now works at Netrix, a consulting firm, as the Practice Lead for Mobile and Cloud app development.

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Jun 9, 2014

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