.NET and Kubernetes ecosystem


Kubernetes is the current buzzword in the container ecosystem. With an ever-increasing feature set and the backing of many technology giants, including Google, Red Hat, and Microsoft, it's become the de-facto standard of container orchestration. But what is Kubernetes and how can it help you? During our talk, we'll discuss how developers looking to improve their development workflow as well as administrators looking to move faster with container technologies can approach the Kubernetes ecosystem and what benefits/trade-offs they'll have to make along the way.


  • Dimitry Ushakov

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    Dimitry Ushakov is a Quality Engineer at Rackspace. When not dealing with impostor syndrome from working with geniuses every day, he works on making operators' and developers' lives easier with test automation, continuous integration/delivery management, and other testing industry buzzwords.

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May 14, 2018

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