Messaging Without Servers


Building a distributed system in the cloud has never been easier. Both Azure and AWS give us a number of options not only in technology but in hosting. In Azure, we have Azure Service Bus and Azure Functions; on the AWS side, SQS and Lambdas. Each has their advantages and disadvantages when designing and building distributed systems. Join Simon Timms from as he helps us navigate the options and how to design a distributed system to take advantage of each one, demonstrating the differences with NServiceBus endpoints. You will learn: The options available for running cloud-native distributed systems, Serverless vs. "serverful" architectures, Designing endpoints for the cloud, Adapting rapidly to changing scale


  • Simon Timms

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    Simon is a polyglot developer who has worked on everything from serial port drivers on an Android tablet, to NServiceBus, to processing tens of thousands of messages a second using stream analytics, to building Angular web applications. All that in the last year. He is the author of a number of books on JavaScript and ASP.NET and blogs far less regularly than he should on both the Western Devs site ( and on his blog ( He is also the least visible member of the ASP.NET monsters (

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Aug 17, 2021

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