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"Measure Killer" is a new External Tool for MS Power BI that helps you clean up your Power BI tenant by identifying unused artifacts in your datasets. In this session we will show you what the most use cases are and the biggest features of MK. Thanks to great feedback from the Power BI community we are developing it further and adding more features. Currently you can identify unused columns and measures and "kill" them using Measure Killer. Additionally, you will get a nice overview of how large (storage) your unused columns are. Measure Killer can also generate two Excel reports that will give you detailed information on where and which artifacts (columns, measures) of your report are used. Since version 0.9 Measure Killer can also analyze shared datasets (and thus live/thin reports) For more information, check out: It is also available in the Microsoft store. (


  • Gregor Brunner

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    Gregor Brunner is 34 years old, has a background in Economics but moved into Business Intelligence in 2016. Originally from Austria, he moved to Switzerland in 2020 and started Brunner BI, a boutique IT company that specializes in Microsoft Power BI development and consulting.

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Mar 8, 2023

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