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Mature Development Series – TDD in your UI – Part 2


Caleb Jenkins


Automated Unit Tests are your first line of defense to reducing technical debt, increasing code quality and efficiency. Come learn why TDD is not a fancy practice for the coding elite, but an understandable, obtainable and practical approach to delivering value for every developer, and how, when done properly, will increase communication and design between the business stake holders and developers.
We’ll be completing our look at 3 patterns for creating testable UI’s and discuss when and how to apply them to your applications.


Caleb Jenkins is a Principal Agile Coach with Sabre Airline Solutions and the founder and Principal Mentor at Proaction Mentors. As an agile coach he works with developer teams around the globe to help them be more awesome. As a long time community leader and former Microsoft Developer Evangelist, Caleb is well known for his engaging speaking style, depth of knowledge and creative energy. As a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, Certified Trainer and .Net Architect, Caleb has helped to design and implement enterprise solutions for some of the largest companies in the world; Six Flags, Countrywide Mortgage, American Airlines, Sabre/Travelocity, CGI-AMS, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group and Sunoco Inc. to name a few. Before starting Proaction Mentors, Caleb worked as the Senior Architect for Six Flags Corporation, and helped build the Microsoft practice at Improving Enterprises. He is an active national speaker for the International .NET Association (INETA), has received the Microsoft MVP award for ASP.NET for the last four consecutive years. Caleb is a Certified Scrum Master and certified Professional Scrum Master, has worked as a technical editor and author for Wrox Press, and was a featured presenter on Adobe.TV. He lives in the Dallas area where he continues to date his beautiful wife and busy himself playing Candy Land, Xbox 360 with his four incredible children. Occasionally he writes curriculum, speaks at conferences, and write code for silly things like Twitter applications. Eventually he’ll post some of the gazillion interviews that he’s recorded on CommunityCast TV or blog more at http://developingUX.com.

Recorded At:

Dallas XAML UG

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