Load testing with Visual Studio and Azure


Andrew Siemer will walk us through what web performance testing is and the different types of tests that you can create. Then we will discuss planning and designing tests for your application. Next we will see how to create some tests in Visual Studio and how to run them locally. And lastly Andy will show how to push those tests into Azure to create a load test.


  • Andrew Siemer

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    Andrew Siemer is director of Engineering at Volusion. Former Chief Architect at dell.com. Farmer at Friendly Pastures. Software consultant at Siemer for Hire. Random dude at AndrewSiemer.com. Passionate developer and career coach at Developer Springboard. Software development professor at Veteran Coder. Author of 3 books published by Packt Publishing. Self published author of two books at LeanPub.

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Feb 18, 2015

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