HtmlTags: The TagHelper library you didn’t know you needed


While client side JS frameworks like React and Angular are popular and provide a great user experience, they may not be the best fit for a particular project or team. For those circumstances when you need server side rendering on your ASP.NET, there’s a relatively unknown but incredibly powerful open source library called HtmlTags. In this talk, we’ll review how to install HtmlTags in ASP.NET Core and go over the different categories of HtmlTags objects (Displays, Labels, Editors, etc.) available to you. From there we’ll start to unlock the real power by showing how to combine tag objects to build up standardized methods to render your forms in a consistent way across the application, alleviating the pain of copy and pasted layout across your HTML files. Imagine being able to change whether your labels and inputs are horizontal or vertical, or how date fields get rendered across the entire application by updating a single method! We’ll also dive into other practical techniques not in the documentation, such as easily customizing how your select lists are populated. The documentation for HtmlTags is almost nonexistent, so this walkthrough will be invaluable if you’re interested. HtmlTags can also be applied on a per-page basis, so you can start using it today without converting your entire application!


  • Nolan Egly

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    Nolan Egly has been developing software professionally for almost ten years and 'unprofessionally' since he was eight years old. He's still as excited about the possibilities of technology today as he was as a child, and loves sharing that joy with others through the occasional talk or blog post. He's passionate about doing useful things and amazed that he gets paid to do this.

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Nov 9, 2020

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