Hot-reload your UI with F#


There's a really cool trend in F# UI design coming up in the world that started in the web space with React and Elm, and has trickled into the F# space via Elmish (for the web) and Fabulous (for Xamarin.Forms). This method is called Model-View-Update, and the mechanism behind it are allowing for some really low-cycle-time and high-interactivity design flows in F#! This month I'd like to show you all how easy it is to get hot-reloadable UI across the web and mobile devices using a few libraries and tools that are, I think, beyond cool.


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    Chet Husk is a back-end and web developer at Binary Defense, where he works on the Managed Detection and Response product. He's been involved in the .Net ecosystem for 13 years, and has been active in the OSS community for the past 5. He's interested in operations, distributed systems, compilers, and IDE tooling, and is a major contributor to the F# ecosystem and editor tooling spaces. He's been doing this long enough to know that the real enemy is assembly resolution. A veteran of many a binding-redirects scuffle, he is passionate about clean code, functional programming, and build immutability. When he's not coding, he enjoys running with his dogs and enjoying one of the many up-and-coming breweries in North Austin.

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Feb 21, 2019

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