Have You Got the Urge to (T-SQL) Merge?


You’ve got data to load into an already existing table, perhaps a slowly changing dimension, and need a method that is simple, supportable, and performs well. The T-SQL Merge statement, introduced in SQL 2008, can do all of this and more. Many DBAs investigate it, but find it unintuitive, time consuming, or they couldn’t get it to perform well. This doesn’t need to be difficult; after attending this session you’ll thoroughly understand the fundamentals of the merge statement and how to write them. You will also leave with scripts which automatically write well formed merge statements for you in less than 1 minute, guaranteed. Come see how.


  • David Stein

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    David Stein - Agile Data Warehouse Architect and Independent Consultant - has more than a decade of experience working in SQL Server Business Intelligence. He’s designed multi-terabyte, multi-tenant Data Warehouses from scratch as well as saved projects in serious jeopardy.

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Aug 24, 2013

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