GraphQL for .NET Developers


GraphQL is a specification for queries and the runtime that satisfies them. Although it’s tempting to compare it with existing technologies like OData, the purpose and implementation are both quite different. In this session, Jeremy explains the benefits and use cases for GraphQL, shares some solutions that work well in .NET and of course will show plenty of code and demos to illustrate how the pieces fit together. If you write software that involves a web or desktop front end that communicates with a backend, this is a session you don’t want to miss.


  • Jeremy Likness

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    Jeremy Likness is Senior Program Manager for .NET Data at Microsoft. He works closely with the Entity Framework Core and Spark for .NET teams. He joined Microsoft in July of 2017 as a Cloud Developer Advocate just after receiving his 8th annual Microsoft MVP award. Jeremy is an internationally recognized author and speaker and has been developing software professionally for 30 years. In early 2020, Jeremy was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease and maintains a blog for advocacy and awareness at Jeremy’s hobbies include hiking, snowshoeing, and astrophotography. Jeremy lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Doreen, parrot, Pierre, and German Shepherd, Pepper.

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Feb 10, 2022

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