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Git is everywhere. It’s the way we share code. It’s the way we contribute to open source projects. During workshops, we use Git to share source code. Tim Rayburn knows Git. He loves Git. He teaches developers how to use Git almost every day. Tim Rayburn is a Git. After this workshop, you will understand what makes Git different from other version control systems. You will understand the advantages of a local repository. You will understand branching, merging, and rebasing. Come practice with us. Learn this ubiquitous and universally useful tool.


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    Tim is a Principal Consultant with Improving Enterprises. Since 2007, he has been annually awarded the Microsoft MVP for Connected Systems Development in recognition of his expertise and community leadership. He is the organizer of Dallas TechFest, where through the work of an amazing staff, they bring an incredible multi-technology conference to life every year in Dallas. He is the co-author of Entity Framework 4.1: Expert’s Cookbook with Devlin Liles can be found speaking across the nation of Agile process, distributed architecture, and data access technologies. He lives in Arlington, Texas with his amazing wife, Kate, and their loyal dog, Gandalf.

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Jun 4, 2013

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