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Do you know git? Have you used TFS? When you start a new job & they're using TFS, do you wish they were using git INSTEAD? Why don't YOU use them TOGETHER? The git-tfs bridge enables the best of both worlds: TFS for devs who (like I used to say) "have no interest in learning a command-line tool," while enabling those of use who have seen git solve version control challenges previously assumed unsolvable, to use our new git love. This is a level 200 talk (meaning if you've never used git, this talk is not for you... yet. Go to a "what is git?" talk first. We will not cover the time-consuming "what is a dvcs?" topics and such). If you've used both TFS & git, but only seperately, or want to know even MORE about using both together, this talk is for you.


  • Cori Drew

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    Cori Drew is a consultant with Improving Enterprises in Addison, TX. She started her programming career as a web developer before cutting her OOP teeth (& falling in love with C#) in 2003 in .NET Framework 1.1. Cori was a programmer for 8.5 years before discovering there was a developer community in 2009. Appreciation for growth & learning, enabled by our tech community, has inspired her to try to pay it forward.

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Jun 14, 2014

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