Get that Data! Custom Connectors in Power BI


The data is out there, but if you can't easily get to it, you -- and your clients or colleagues -- won't use it. Custom Connectors allow you to get data from disparate and currently unsupported sources. They allow for a branded experience to the data that your colleagues use most, without troubling them with creating queries. We will look at the steps needed to create your own custom connector, from setting up a development environment and planning; continuing to implementing and debugging; and finally deploying it company-wide.


  • Andy Parkerson

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    With a MS in Mathematical Sciences, Andy has spread the joy of business intelligence and analysis wherever he goes. As developer at the leading eCommerce in luxury barbecue grilling, he has worked on automating product rankings to reduce and in some places eliminate the monkey-work of deciding what grill to show where, and what accessory to show with it. He is currently transitioning the reporting workflow to become more automated and more reactive to changes in the business.

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May 5, 2018

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