Gen2016™ and the Global “Hybrid” Cloud


THEME: Like it or not, our industry is driving the world to Gen2016™ {Windows 2016, SQL Server 2016, Azure, etc.,} technologies. This GENeration shift is filled with buzzwords, that hover around or land-on “HYBRID Cloud”. Hint: has been speaking, for many years, about “Hybrid Cloud” and its “Global” perspective/implications/offering, (e.g., the free-ish offerings in US/China/EU).

«±» SESSION: The focus is on Data (e.g., Big Data & Small Data) in the Gen2016™ “Global Hybrid Cloud” offerings from both Microsoft and non-Microsoft – as it appears at this point-in-time/May2016. This is a Level-100 session (no pre-requisites), and is for those who want a jump-start on Gen2016™ offerings, irrespective of whether you are just getting started in the industry, and/or retooling/realigning/revamping your skill set.

«±» NOTE: The presenters, Tex (20+ year technologist) and Zane (budding technologist), are with Hybrid Decisions® Corp and are presenting on behalf of


  • Anthony Tex Moreign

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    Anthony {Tex} Moreign is a Technologist, Speaker, Writer, Founder with 25 years & counting in the business. he is the founder and Chief Architect, Hybrid Decisions® Corp ( | 2005) and the Founder & President, Houston Cloud Computing User Group ( | 2008). For more info see

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May 14, 2016

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