Full Stack Web Day - Part 1


Building a dynamic website involves a number of different technologies, including some sort of database, some web application framework, html, css and javascript. Some developers are good at all of these but most are just familiar with a few (if any). Full Stack Web Day is here to give you guidance on getting started with all of these technologies. Comfortable with ASP.NETand Sql Server? Come get help with Html, Css and Javascript. You spend all day designing websites but don't know how to get started with the stuff that your developers use? Come get an introduction to ASP.NET MVC and Sql Server. Or are you a developer who hasn't used any of these? If you are, here is your chance to get a one-day exposure to the full stack. Note that this event is not about web design. I am a developer and not a designer, as you could probably tell from looking at this site for about 15 seconds. During the event you will see enough about Css and Javascript to start learning how to implement your own designs or the designs of others.


  • Eric Sowell

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    Eric B. Sowell, a husband, dad, Christian, teacher, software developer, avid learner, speaker, Greek guy, and lover of history. http://www.ericsowell.com/

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Dec 3, 2011

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