From the grave: Horror stories from the Microsoft SQL Server CSS archives


Do you like dread stories? Join me while I narrate a few horror stories from the real life, featuring the production server that was down for hours, or the Database corrupted to the bone, or the lethal demon that spreaded thru all the network. In this session, we will examinate a few stories, and how the issue was easy to avoid, if the best practices would have been there since the beggining.


  • Franklin Gamboa

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    Franklin Gamboa, MCSE, started his career as a Java developer, but then moved to the .Net world, in 2009, he was mentored to be a DBA and has been in the data platform side since then. when he was a DB Architect, he did Web Apps for fun, since that helped him understand the needs of the developers. He eventually made it to be part of the Microsoft SQL Server CSS team.

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Jun 23, 2018

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