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It's March of 2012, and your boss informs you that you have to use Ext Js to build the UI for your next web application. You have never heard of this framework before, much less do you consider yourself a JavaScript programmer, so is it time to update your resume or make it happen in spite of the odds yet again? If you are curious about why some people love Ext Js, and also why some love to hate it, you will want to join Tim as he shares his experiences learning Ext Js and reintroducing himself with JavaScript in general.


  • Tim Jones

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    Tim Jones is a Principal Consultant with Sogeti. He has been developing software on the Microsoft stack since his humble beginning with Access databases and classic ASP in the 90s. He has primarily worked on web applications since then, most recently completing an ASP.NET MVC project with Ext Js 4.

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Mar 22, 2012

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