Entity Framework Performance Monitoring and Tuning


Object Relational Mapping technologies, including the Entity Framework can drastically simplify the programming model against databases, but when done carelessly, performance can suffer. In this session, we'll explore some real-life strategies that have solved performance issues in production applications that I have encountered at a variety of customers.


  • Jim Wooley

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    By day, Jim Wooley is a Senior Delivery Principal for Slalom Consulting, In his free time, Jim is a frequent speaker, MVP, and author of "LINQ in Action". He is always striving to stay at the forefront of technology and enjoys the thrill of a new challenge. He has been active evangelizing LINQ since its announcement in 2005. In addition, he attempts to pass on the insights he has gained by being active in the community, including organizing and speaking at code camps and regional events, including VS Live, KCDC, That Conference, TechBash, and CodeStock.

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Jun 22, 2021

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