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Dynamic Data Flows in SSIS without Programming


Diane Schuster & Ivan Peev


This session is an introduction to the unique functionality offered by COZYROC to create integration packages that dynamically map columns at runtime. The standard SSIS Data Flow Task can only use static metadata which is defined when the package is initially designed. The mapping of columns is configured and remains unchanged until the package is re-opened and design changes are made, thus costing maintenance time and effort. Data Flow Task Plus extends the capabilities of the standard Microsoft Data Flow task in that it allows you to set up dynamic data flows, thus eliminating maintenance time and effort. Changes to tables and columns are automatically incorporated at runtime without the need to change and redeploy the package. Columns and fields are mapped automatically at runtime. Furthermore, the initial design time and effort may be greatly reduced when dealing with huge amounts of data in a large number of files and/or databases.


Diane has worked with COZYROC since 2012. She enjoys representing COZYROC at trade shows in the United States and Europe. She also enjoys mastering the use of the COZYROC components so that she can provide short and informative demonstration videos, showing step-by-step instructions on how to get started. In the past, Diane worked in the data networking arena and performed a variety of roles for IBM and Lucent Technologies. She has a passion for travel and enjoys spending time in Latin America.

Ivan is the CEO, COZYROC LLC

Recorded At:

SQL Saturday Dallas BI Edition 2017

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