DSL using Antlr and C#


Few technologies get more press than Domain Specific Languages. Often viewed as unapproachable, this presentation will demystify them. We will use Antlr to create a Lexer, Parser, and Abstract Syntax Tree for a small language we create from scratch. We will use CodeDom to generate C# code that runs it. The new language will solves a real business case. You should walk away with knowledge about how to create a language and how to actually run it.


  • Brock Reeve

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    Brock started using the .NET framework since its first release. In his spare time he has been building an open source SQL like language for scraping web pages called Pickaxe (https://github.com/bitsummation/pickaxe). He currently works for the Advisory Board and blogs at brockreeve.com

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Jan 11, 2016

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