Drupal 8: The Enterprise Content Hub


The developer community at large is split across an abundance of programming technologies including Node.js, .NET, Mobile native, Ruby on Rails, PHP and many more. Front-end frameworks built on JavaScript in particular are a driving force behind a lot of the energy across the community. While frameworks are all the rage, where does a CMS (Content Management System) fit into the picture for your organization, if at all? In today’s talk, whether you are a developer or a decision maker, I would like to make the case why you should consider adding Drupal CMS to your technology stack. You’ll learn that Drupal does not have to replace your favorite framework of choice, but rather can be a vital part of your content management strategy. Drupal has been one of the leading technologies in the enterprise CMS space for many years. A large share of the organizations using Drupal according to the 2017 Drupal Business Survey include Government & Public Administration and Healthcare & Medicine, Charities and Non-Profit industries. Additionally, huge brands like NBC, Turner, The Weather Channel, WWE also leverage Drupal today. We will look through case studies across some of these verticals to see if Drupal could be the right fit for your organization. In our session we are going to dive into the features of Drupal to show the power and flexibility behind how it manages content models. We’ll talk through the history in how we transitioned over the years from thinking in terms of content living on “web page” to now managing content across many channels (Twitter/Mobile/Chatbot/Alexa/etc.). I’ll make the case for why Drupal is uniquely positioned to serve content to create today’s “Omnichannel” experiences. Finally, we will look at technologies like REST, JSON API, GraphQL which expose content to other frameworks and systems. We’ll look at distributions like Acquia Reservoir and Contenta which make it easier for developers new to Drupal to onramp to this platform. Whether you are working at a Government agency, University, digital agency, or other industry I want you to come away with an understanding for how Drupal can serve as your organization’s “Content Hub.”


  • Jay Callicott

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    A 10+ year Drupal veteran, Jay is a long-time unabashed evangelist for Drupal and open source technology. Jay currently serves as the VP of Technical Operations for Mediacurrent, one of the premier agencies in Drupal 8 development. Mediacurrent serves enterprise clients across all verticals including organizations like The Weather Channel, WWE, Georgia.gov, Turner, and Habitat for Humanity. Jay is an avid supporter and contributor to Drupal open source projects. Jay writes blogs on Drupal and has spoken at many “DrupalCons” and camps across the country for several years.

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Oct 6, 2017

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