Discover the Magic of Managed Disks in Azure


Come checkout the Magic of Managed Disks and learn how things like snapshots, scalability and encryption are handled for you. In this talk, we'll talk about Managed Disks and explore the situations that work best for them. Expect to walk away with a good understanding of their uses cases.

WARNING: Many attendees experience a strong, inexplicable desire to use Managed Disks in their application immediately. If this symptoms persist, please contact your local Cloud Solution Architect or consult with immediately.


  • Siraj Mohammad

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    Siraj is currently Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft based of Austin. Siraj engages deeply with selected high potential Azure Customers and helps them envision and utilize Azure features. Siraj has over 15 years of experience with various technology firms where he was instrumental in leading and developing solutions for a wide range of clients. He has a vast amount of experience in helping companies determine the best strategy for adopting cloud computing, and providing the insight and hands-on experience to ensure they are successful. Follow Siraj on Twitter at @sirajmohd

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Apr 19, 2017

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